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As we foster a culture of possibility, we want you to feel heard and respected. We vow to give you information that is easy to understand and has a profound impact on your life. By establishing a stimulating and welcoming environment that will develop your confidence, we hope to transform your life. We want this to be a special and enhanced experience for you.

Our Leadership

Debra Key Brooks is the founder of Faith & Worth Leadership Academy. She has navigated through tough waters in her life; and through the process she found some very interesting truths. She found a love for herself that built the confidence and courage for her to fulfill her dreams. She also learned every loss is just a lesson and every disappointment became an opportunity for growth and change. She's excited to share the principles she has learned to help you reach your goals and dreams. Dreams are possible when you BELIEVE! 

It's our pleasure to serve you!


Phone: 352-274-0577

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